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Anders Innovations
Anders is a Finnish IT company, whose mission is sustainable software development with the greatest colleagues of all time.

By Frank Wickström

The source for this blog post can be found on Github at andersinno/python_plugin_example.

Creating an application that can be extendable but have low coupling throughout is something that has always interested me. What if I could remove and add new parts to my application without thinking about the rest of the application breaking. Of course, this is often through as a programming 101 type of thing, “low coupling, high cohesion”. But saying the words versus actually being pragmatic is often challenging. …

By Frank Wickström

Paraphrasing what Netflix and many others have said before:

The only way to be comfortable with failures is to fail often

Why create chaos?

Over the past few years, Anders has focused heavily on DevOps; we have done so because we have seen it as one of the most critical shifts in both technology and company culture that has happened over the last few years. We, or most companies out there, have not always been the most comfortable with things breaking and failing. We want to change that.

An engineer waking up in the middle of the night due to…

By Joonas Venäläinen

Vault loves Postgres
Vault loves Postgres

Vault is a great tool for managing and protecting sensitive data. One of its many features is ability to create database credentials dynamically. This gives you extra layer of security as you can define short TTL for the credentials and rotate them frequently. For this short demonstration, I will use a simple docker-compose file that setups Vault and PostgreSQL.

version: '3.9'
image: vault:1.7.0
container_name: vault
- "8200:8200"
image: postgres:12-alpine
POSTGRES_USER: exampledb
POSTGRES_DB: exampledb

Run compose and exec in…

By Frank Wickström


We build a microservice architectured application with three services. All of these communicate with one of the following AMQP, REST APIs, and Websockets. The application is deployed using our Open-Source (MIT Licensed) DevOps tool Kólga.

The full source-code for this blog post can be found at

The preface; the story behind Kolgá can be found in Anders blog.

Writing and deploying an application with Kólga

Let’s deploy a monorepo consisting of three applications. We will do this using Kólga and GitLab CI; however, GitHub Actions can also achieve the same result.


Let’s begin with the prerequisites.

  • I will assume that you have a…

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